Fourty-one, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Fourty-one, by Hilary July 4, 2011

I turned 41 this weekend. F o u r t y – o n e.  Forty-one. FOURTY-ONE!!!  I’m forty-one.  Seriously… I really am forty-one.  Okay… phew… I feel better. I admit it.  I’m having a hard time getting older. Why? For one… I’m fatter.  I can’t just decide to not eat cheese for a week and walk [...]

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Bring your Sunday Best by Lauren

Thumbnail image for Bring your Sunday Best by Lauren June 24, 2011

The challenge (even though I choose the theme) of bringing my Sunday Best stumped me. Up until the day before the Ghetto-gether event. (And if you don’t know about the Ghetto-gethers, click HERE) I really didn’t know what to make. In America Sunday is all about Brunch, but to be honest, I’m not even that [...]

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Home, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Home, by Hilary June 18, 2011

I’m so sorry it’s been so long.  I feel like you’re an old friend I need to catch up with (because you are).  So I need to explain my distance and hope you will still love me once you hear my story. Here is my explanation and a really yummy recipe in hopes of forgiveness. [...]

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The Vegan Macro Heart Tart by Hilary

Thumbnail image for The Vegan Macro Heart Tart by Hilary May 16, 2011

  I’m an extremest.  I always have been.  I honestly feel like (without sounding to schizophrenic) that there are two women living inside of me.  One of them is an absolute addict.  She loves sugar, cheese, bread with olive oil, drinking a bottle of wine every other day and smoking.  Ohhh… I do love her!  [...]

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Bringing some Mexico to England… well sort of. By Hilary

Thumbnail image for Bringing some Mexico to England… well sort of.  By Hilary April 5, 2011

I lived in California for 10 years of my adult life. Basically my entire 30’s and then some.  About  7 years in Los Angeles and 4 years in San Francisco.  When I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco I missed the authentic Mexican food.  I’m not saying it’s still not damn good in San [...]

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Comfort food by Hilary

March 17, 2011

Lauren and I have been joking lately that we have not posted one recipe all month.  She’s been traveling and working on the road and I’ve been entertaining so our blog posts have been filled with market food, street food and restaurant food. The last two weeks have been work during the day and then [...]

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Bertinet Bread by Hilary

February 25, 2011

My days of convenience are long gone. Those glorious days when I could walk out of my apartment and within a 3 block radius I would have the option of Ethiopian Food, Mexican, Sushi, Italian wine bar or tapas.  Oh decisions decisions. I’d decide on Sushi, take a right, walk 2 blocks and there would [...]

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