Bilder & De Clercq answers the question “What the hell should I make for dinner?”

May 13, 2013

A typical day. At work.  Potentially bored, most likely busy.  Doesn’t matter, the question is always the same.  “What the hell am I going to make for dinner?”.  The question penetrates my brain and flows into my blood, red hot, trying to think of another god dam thing to make for dinner that’s easy enough [...]

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Restaurant Day is Sunday February 17th!

February 11, 2013

Once every three months is a day called International Restaurant Day where anyone can open their doors and created their very own pop up restaurant.  It’s a festival of flavors, an embracement of the food culture and a call to arms for foodies around the world to unite and raise their forks and wave them [...]

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The Twelve Most Memorable Food Moments of 2012

January 1, 2013

Well another year has flown by.  Each year faster than the last.  It’s scary to me today is 2013.  I remember when 2013 was a far away year in a science fiction novel with transporters and flying cars and living on the other planets.  Well there aren’t any transporters yet and who knows what the [...]

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Back to the Grind, by Lauren

December 17, 2012

I won’t lie to you it’s been a rough couple of weeks.  I took a new job for four months in which I subsequently feel overqualified and underqualified for all at the same time.  It’s running a department of 3D artists and VFX  for commercial production.  It’s not really my forte, being directly involved with [...]

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Show Your Thanks, by Lauren

Thumbnail image for Show Your Thanks, by Lauren November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and I am not going home this year.  Instead my parents are coming for a visit post Thanksgiving.  Which doesn’t make not being home for thanksgiving any easier.  It’s my favorite holiday and really the only one I celebrate.  So this year we wanted to throw a Show Your Thanks Ghetto-gether.  [...]

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Macro school and deep fried pizza, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Macro school and deep fried pizza, by Hilary October 4, 2012

My life for the last 6 weeks has been a series of packing and unpacking my suitcase. I remember planning all my travels months ago and thinking (as one of my friends likes to say to me quite often) I may just be a little mental. After Cyprus, which was amazing but now seems like [...]

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Moving Day! by Lauren

Thumbnail image for Moving Day! by Lauren September 26, 2012

It’s here it’s finally here! All the boxes are packed and ready to go.  The movers have arrived with their mini truck from which an elevated crane with sleek steel moving elevator attached perches itself to our fourth floor apartment.  We open up the window and by human assembly line we load in all our [...]

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