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Back to the Grind, by Lauren

December 17, 2012

I won’t lie to you it’s been a rough couple of weeks.  I took a new job for four months in which I subsequently feel overqualified and underqualified for all at the same time.  It’s running a department of 3D artists and VFX  for commercial production.  It’s not really my forte, being directly involved with [...]

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And the Winner Is…Spain! by Lauren

October 19, 2012

Even though it was a typical rainy Amsterdam evening outside, it was all Italian and Spanish fever inside Little Collins.  The soft glow from the slowly dripping candles stood proud on the wooden tables of Little Collins as the sound system intertwined hip hop Italian and ballads of Spanish Guitar. Dita from Salotto Rosso, although [...]

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Macro school and deep fried pizza, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Macro school and deep fried pizza, by Hilary October 4, 2012

My life for the last 6 weeks has been a series of packing and unpacking my suitcase. I remember planning all my travels months ago and thinking (as one of my friends likes to say to me quite often) I may just be a little mental. After Cyprus, which was amazing but now seems like [...]

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Moving Day! by Lauren

Thumbnail image for Moving Day! by Lauren September 26, 2012

It’s here it’s finally here! All the boxes are packed and ready to go.  The movers have arrived with their mini truck from which an elevated crane with sleek steel moving elevator attached perches itself to our fourth floor apartment.  We open up the window and by human assembly line we load in all our [...]

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Jet lagged, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Jet lagged, by Hilary September 16, 2012

What if I were all fearless. Totally and unconditionally fearless. What would I do? I have heard something like the following said, “the crazy people of the world are the one’s that become rich or famous, the rest of us just stand by in admiration.”  Or something along those lines. I don’t care of I [...]

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Tired, By Lauren

Thumbnail image for Tired, By Lauren July 16, 2012

A common conversation in our household: Me:  I’m so tired Stefan: From what? Me: From Life!! What am I so tired from?  From going back and forth to London 3 days a week for 10 months, that made me tired.  So now that’s over.  It’s not a sustainable way of life.  I know that.  So [...]

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Turrets, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Turrets, by Hilary July 5, 2012

I have officially convinced myself that I have some bizarre form of Turrets Syndrome. Here’s what happens:  I am so totally convinced of something in my heart my mind and my soul.  I say it out loud and proclaim to the world, “THIS is what I’m going to do today”, and then seriously within minutes [...]

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