Turrets, by Hilary

Thursday, 5July, 2012

Turrets, by Hilary

by beckerich

I have officially convinced myself that I have some bizarre form of Turrets Syndrome.

Here’s what happens:  I am so totally convinced of something in my heart my mind and my soul.  I say it out loud and proclaim to the world, “THIS is what I’m going to do today”, and then seriously within minutes I find myself doing the exact opposite, and most times to the extreme.  To me it feels unconscious and involuntary, convinced that some little devil has possessed me.

I think it’s been slowly surfacing for the last couple of years.  For example, and this is just one example.  Every morning I wake up and say to myself, “this is the morning I’m going to start doing yoga!”  Totally convinced as I slide on my yoga pants and then without even thinking about it I make myself a cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette.

So what is it? An inner struggle with myself?  It seem’s so.  The two women inside me in constant battle?  Maybe there is some sort of civil war going on within my body that I don’t know about and the only way I know which side has won is by my actions.

What does this mean?

That I have no say in what I do or how I behave?  Oh how I wish.  Now that would be a great excuse.  I hear from people all the time, “just surrender to who you are.” The thing is, I’m afraid if I do I will end up like my Mother.  Hiding bottles of rum under the kitchen sink and hitting on 19 year olds. Not a pretty sight though Mom did have fun!  Or maybe I just love the drama?  Or maybe… and this just might be the answer, I’m just not right in the head.  Probably a combination of the above.

The thing is, I’m not ready to let misbehaved Hilary win and I think I’m just used to being in a constant internal struggle with myself (and if anything that is what I need to surrender to).  As I have said before, I do know what my medicine is.  The absolute solution for me is to eat healthy.  When I eat healthy I don’t want to put toxic food or chemicals in my body and I become instantly balanced.  It’s like magic. When I do yoga, even though I have to drag myself to do it, it makes me more conscious.  So the combination of the two is my miracle pill that solves all my problems.  It’s just sometimes (most times) I don’t want to do it.

But today, I’m in the mood.  On this lazy misty gray English morning, to balance myself, procrastinate on doing yoga and to get rid of the acid that has formed in my body from all the wine I drank this week in London, I’ve spent some time in our garden pulling up radishes to pickle.  My favorite pickle is the Ume su radish.

Before I give you this recipe, here are some health benefits to Ume su vinegar or Umeboshi plum vinegar.

Here we go:

It’s a natural internal antibiotic, antiseptic and digestive aid. It’s also known to be beneficial for liver function, prevention of aging with it’s anti-oxidizing effects, it brings your blood from acid to alkaline which keeps you from getting sick (amongst other things), it’s good for general detoxification, carbon monoxide poisoning (just in case you ever have that), skin diseases such as eczema, lack of appetite and bad breath.  It’s also good for nausea, heartburn and hangovers.  Just to name a few.

What you will need

1-2 bunches of radishes

Umeboshi vinegar or ume su vinegar (you can find this at any health food store or Japanese market)

Water (always use water that has been filtered )

Glass jar with a lid


Rubber band


Trim leaves and root from each radish

Wash the radishes and drain off excess water

Pack the radishes in a jar

Fill the jar of radishes with water

Pour off the water into a measuring cup

Measure the water and pour off 1/4 of the water

Pour that water back into the jar and fill the remaining space with umeboshi vinegar

Screw the lid securely on the jar and turn the jar over a couple of times to mix the water and the vinegar

Remove the lid from the jar

Cut a piece of cheesecloth large enough to cover the mouth of the jar and secure the cheesecloth with a rubber band

Leave the radishes on the kitchen counter for 2-3 days covered with the cheesecloth

After 2-3 days, remove the cheesecloth and screw the jar lid back on the jar.

Store in the refrigerator

The radish pickles will be ready to eat after five days.  They are pickled when the inside of the radish is completely pink.

They will keep for up 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator

As these are strong, serve 1/2 to one radish per serving.

Note:  because I am impatient I slice my radishes before pickling like you see in the picture so I can eat them sooner and so I can see them turning color.  This will pickle them about 1 day faster.



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pj nix July 5, 2012 at 10:42 am

omg, I know what you mean!!!

hey, question, Umeboshi vinegar and ume su, are they both from the same plum? and doesn’t su mean ‘water’. I’ve been addicted to ume su… this little bottle of red joy I discovered at the health food store that is sour and salty and tastes good on my take-away rice from Thailicious, but now reading your blog I’m wondering if it’s different from the Umeboshi plum vinegar, or is it the same thing? Any thoughts on that? Thanks Hilary. I feel less alone now in my habitually thwarted plan to go for a power walk first thing in the morning. And btw, Happy Birthday!

love and hugs,


beckerich July 25, 2012 at 9:08 am

Hi PJ!

Yes they are the same. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away from the computer for a bit. Miss you :)


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