July 2012

Lavender sablé cookies, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Lavender sablé cookies, by Hilary July 25, 2012

Time… It’s such a rare thing for me and when I have it I cherish every second.  It’s like eating a piece of chocolate after not having sugar for a month, or for me, a long ass drag off a cigarette after not smoking for a long time.  Either way you get the picture, I’m [...]

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Tired, By Lauren

Thumbnail image for Tired, By Lauren July 16, 2012

A common conversation in our household: Me:  I’m so tired Stefan: From what? Me: From Life!! What am I so tired from?  From going back and forth to London 3 days a week for 10 months, that made me tired.  So now that’s over.  It’s not a sustainable way of life.  I know that.  So [...]

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Turrets, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Turrets, by Hilary July 5, 2012

I have officially convinced myself that I have some bizarre form of Turrets Syndrome. Here’s what happens:  I am so totally convinced of something in my heart my mind and my soul.  I say it out loud and proclaim to the world, “THIS is what I’m going to do today”, and then seriously within minutes [...]

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