May 2012

Viva España! by Lauren

Thumbnail image for Viva España! by Lauren May 22, 2012

Don’t think flying Easy Jet back and forth from Amsterdam to London is not without its advantages. For one, you learn precisely how to minimize your travel time (always sit as close to the front as possible, walk quickly upon disembarking, don’t go to the bathroom till you’ve cleared customs).  Secondly, you get to know [...]

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Holy Macro, by Hilary

Thumbnail image for Holy Macro, by Hilary May 9, 2012

I had a revelation the other day as I was about to purchase yet another gorgeous vegetarian cookbook.  This particular one was written by a beautiful thin healthy looking French woman about my age.  The sun was shining on the day they shot the cover and she was radiant.  Walking through her country garden in [...]

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A Meal Fit for a Queen, by Lauren

Thumbnail image for A Meal Fit for a Queen, by Lauren May 2, 2012

Queensday in Holland is one of the biggest and most celebrated holidays in the year.  It’s the celebration of the Queen’s birthday and Amsterdammers take to the streets in Orange clothes, accessories, costumes, boats, decorations, etc.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  People put out their wares on the streets to sell, mark up [...]

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