January 2011

German Meat, Meat and More Meat by Lauren

January 29, 2011

I’ve always had the travel bug.  I can’t seem to sit still…like ever. I like to GO,GO,GO,DO,DO,DO.   We’ve had a holiday planned to go back to the U.S. and see my family at The Compound in Dallas since November.  I’ve since gotten booked on a job that interferes with these plans.  So our vacation [...]

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The Walled Garden by Hilary

January 26, 2011

It’s amazing how life turns out.  I keep talking about how I finally understand that after 2000 spiritual books, years of yoga, meditation and eating whole foods what all my books and teachers have been telling me from the start.  When you try to squeeze life and control it, your miserable.  Your head-butting life at [...]

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Getto-gether by Lauren

January 21, 2011

Amsterdam is a place where you really can reinvent yourself.  The city has this subtle way of opening itself up to you in unexpected ways. Most people think of Amsterdam as a place where you can smoke pot freely in coffee shops, wander the red light district and check out the hookers, or sit in [...]

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Wassailing by Hilary

January 20, 2011

This weekend we Wassailed. We what? Well, if you don’t know don’t feel bad.  My friends in London didn’t know either and they live in this country.  And no, it has nothing to do with sailing or any other form of exercise.  Unless you feel lifting a pint of cider to your mouth and back [...]

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Make new friends but keep the old by Lauren

January 17, 2011

The older I get, the harder it is to make friends. When I was younger being  thrown into simple social situations such as school,  sorority, or team sports was a way of life and made it easy to make friends. But moving to a new city in the middle of my thirties knowing only a [...]

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The English Pub Culture by Hilary

January 14, 2011

It’s the new year and so in an attempt to hold onto at least one of the commitment’s I made to myself, I am on a mission to loose the 2000 pounds I gained over the holidays and our travels.  My husband, and self appointed personal trainer, has dedicated his life to getting me out [...]

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Latitudinal Cuisine Supper Club by Lauren

January 10, 2011

It takes a very certain type of personality to be a freelancer.  Someone who is comfortable with having periods of unemployment, of not knowing where the next job is coming from, and content with having chunks of time off.  I am a freelancer and I like to think I have this type of personality.  But [...]

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